Rusty - THE PINT

CHF 1,190.00

Rusty and Austin Keen's collaboration, The Pint, brings the ocean to the wake, packing the high-performance essence of the Keg into a compact wakesurf board every ocean surfer will adore, featuring agile maneuverability, a wider tail for enhanced speed and stability, and a versatile 5 fin Futures setup for peak all-around performance.


WIDTH: 19.25”

VOLUME: 19.6 L

WIDTH: 19.50”

VOLUME: 20.8 L

Fins: 5 fins with Futures finbox construction. NO FINS INCLUDED!

Pads: The boards will be delivered with a black tailpad on it! 

The Pint is Austin Keen’s everyday wakesurf board designed after our proven high performance shortboard, the Keg. Austin loved the performance of the Keg while surfing in the ocean and wanted to bring that same feeling behind the boat. Rusty and Austin collaborated together and effectively created the Pint which has the same benefits of the Keg in a smaller package including similar rocker profile in the nose for maneuverability and a wider tail for speed and stability. The Pint offers all-around performance in a surf style wakesurf board. Offered as a 5 fin with Futures fin box construction. Cheers!