CHF 399.00 CHF 460.00


134cm = up to 165 LBS / bis 75 kg
138cm = 150 - 190 LBS / 68 - 86 kg

144cm = 170 - 210 LBS / 77 - 95 kg
150cm = 190+ LBS / ab 86 kg

Construction: Modello
Riding Style: Boat Intermediate / Advanced
Energy: Instant 5
Rocker: Hybrid

This board has the rare trait of adapting to you, regardless of your style or ability. Last year we took one of our best-selling all-purpose series that rides without stereotypes and made it lighter, delivering more feedback, and noticeably softer landings. The District with its hybrid rocker ranges from smooth/low maintenance turns to wide open high-speed cuts. With fast, predictable takeoffs, to explosive wake to wake jumps, this is a series that truly covers the spectrum. Riders that approach the wake flat into the wake will notice a strong, explosive 3-stage lift. If you approach the wake while on rail you will notice a smooth, blended rocker line with an uninterrupted fast take-off and landing. Riders who tend to distribute their weight evenly will experience a freeride, floaty feel when they initiate turns. On the flipside, riders can experience hairpin turns with quick edge transitions if they shift their weight to the tail of the board.