Hyperlite - SG - T W/70 X-LINE WHITE

CHF 249.00



• “Stitched Grip” “Sticky Grip” “Soft Grip”
• ARS (Anti-Roll System) Endcaps
• 15” Handle Bar Length
• 1.23” Diameter (31.24mm)
• T Handle for Wrap Tricks
• 70’ X-Line with 3 – 5’ Sections

Hyperlite's new SG handle is a Pro Level Handle with a sublimated Stitched Grip including new lightweight endcaps. SG Handle Packages include our 80' A-Line, 70' X-Line or our 65' Fuse Line. Also new for 2020 is the SG T-Handle Grip package with our X-Line for a total length of 75'. SG may also reference Sticky Grip or Soft Grip, either way our new SG Packages deliver a Solid Grip.