CHF 138.00

Rethink the affordable vest. Ride, chill, repeat in this combination of natural colour tones, sharp follow badging, and uncluttered grace. Inspired by our Surf vest series of yesteryear, this vest is a favourite of our very own graceful lady, Cassidy Gale. We gave it a combination of comfort, function and class designed with a TrueFit© Liner so you can match your vest with your own charm. Feel the difference of the Signal for yourself.

Specifically designed for the Lady who wants style and mobility without the vest having to fit too tightly. The strategic segmentation and panelling of the Ladies FlexFit acts a conduit between the natural movement of the body and the vests desire to hug your torso. Producing the perfect blend of performance and comfort only achieved by us, Follow. Try it for yourself.

Construction Features:

– Follow Surf Flex Panels
– 2mm super stretch movement panels chest and back
– Dual layer neoprene construction.
– Featherweight foam, the softest & lightest we can find.
– CE approved


Colors: Ice/Grey, Olive

Attention: Follow ladies vests are cut very tight! E.g. a XS corresponds to an S! Buy them one size larger!