Follow - FREEMONT LADIES S.P.R. 2019

CHF 199.00 CHF 229.00

Follow Ladies S.P.R Freemont SS9 Vest

Construction Features:

- Front Zip
- Pro Fit
- S.P.R Series

S, M, L XL

Colors: Charocal Black, Navy

Attention: Follow ladies vests are cut very tight! E.g. a XS corresponds to an S! Buy them one size larger!


Follow decided it was time to find a more sustainable way to make wakeboard vests as a brand. The S.P.R series is the first way to take care of Mother Nature. The goal was to create a sustainable product line that met Follow's strict performance guidelines. After years of development, Follow created the NaturalPrene™. This material is a natural rubber foam. Harvested from rrrenewable rubber trees, replacing traditional neoprene. NaturalPrene ™ is 100% neoprene free. NaturalPrene ™ is soft, strong and super stretchy. In addition, Follow uses a PVC-free flotation foam. The S.P.R is a high performance vest that helps save a little piece of the world. Piece by piece.