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Follow Cinch Massi black SS9 Wakeboardvest

What ain’t broke don’t need fixin’. The Coastline has proven to be an indispensable model in our line-up. The generous Happy Fit contour is a reminder that you needn’t strap yourself in like an astronaut ready for take-off. No, this two-tone beauty is more like an agreeable Sunday seaplane cruise over the Californian Delta. Its dual layer neoprene construction uses both external and internal neoprene layers to minimize the effect of water penetration, keeping the vest fitting as intended. Featherweight internal foam ensures a lightweight on-body feel, while the fully-segmented foam panels allow for maximum movement.

The Coastline is a favourite of our favourite – Derek Cook. But it’s not an unusual sight to see Josh Twelker rockin’ this number for a lazy afternoon set.

Construction Features:

- Really Stretchy
- Stash Pocket
- Featherweight Foam
- Pro Fit
- Specially desigend for wakeboarding behind the boat


Size: XS, S
Color: Black