Follow - B.P PRO MENS JACKET 2021

CHF 189.00

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For its 10th Season, the BP Pro represents the ultimate in vest and manufacturing performance. Harnessing a featherweight foam core, no other vest on the market feels as light on, while the crossed panelling provides an overall spread of flexibility not found before. Our unique Duraprene Neoprene denim outer production gives this vest the durability of a pair of jeans. A longer pull-down hem, elasticized edging and full metallic finished zipper ensure that this vest is the sharpest on the water. The Pro Fit tapered outline will keep the vest snug to your body while on the water, and not up around your ears.

Construction Features:

– TrueFit Internal Liner.
– Metallic Finished Zippers.
– Duraprene neoprene is as tough as nails but still soft & stretchy on the inside.
– Duel layer neoprene construction.
– Feather weight foam, the softest & lightest we can find.
– Complete stitch through segment panels for no foam movement.
– Distressed leather zipper pulls.
– 3D bevelled logo detailing.


Sizes: XS, M, XL
Colors: Black, Khaki, Denim